Working Patterdale Terrier and Terriers.

Working Patterdale Terriers, Terriers Born To Hunt

Welcome to the working patterdale terrier site, for all your patterdale hunting articles and forum discussion. If you have an interest in working patterdales join the forum and share your hunting outings and experiences. The working patterdale is known around the world for its hunting ability below ground to game such as the fox, badger, raccoon, and other ground quarry.

An Extract From David Harcombes, The World Of The Working Terrier.

A terrier crawls into the earth and deliberately places himself in the greatest possible danger. He forces his way into uncomfortable situations which may cost him his life. He strives to get into close proximity with his oponent , and when he does, he makes life extremely difficult for that opponent. He barks, he bites, he nips, he holds, he bolts or he kills. Sometimes, he himself loses his life.

Why? Why?

A working terrier does not do all this to feed himself. He does not kill to eat. He does so from some basic instinct which tells him that he must destroy this creature which stands before him. He must, he can do no other, for this is what he was bred for.
To serve his master in pursuit of the varmint.

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